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Feasibility and design study for the establishment of artisanal fishing landing points on the perimeter of Cayenne Island (GYA 382)

  • Continents / Region / Country:

    CarribeanFrench GuyanaSouth AmericaSouth America
  • Areas:

    FisheriesMarine environment
  • Customer :

    Communauté d’Agglomération du Centre Littoral CACL
  • Years:

    from 08/2021 to 11/2023
  • Project description :
    The project stems from a need to structure the sector in order to reduce the main obstacles to its development. It aims to modernise the ageing fleet and harmonise the recognition of landing points and fishing ports. At the landing points, for example, there is a lack of tools and equipment to allow for standardised landings, the absence of approved weighing points and ice or fuel supplies. Most of the existing port facilities are substandard, and poor hygiene conditions can sometimes hinder exports.

    The objectives of the study are to provide the CACL with an inventory of the artisanal fishing industry on the island of Cayenne, to study the opportunity and feasibility of developing 3 landing points and to provide, if necessary, the construction programmes for these facilities and the consultation documents for launching the inherent project management contracts.