Our team


COFREPECHE is composed of a multidisciplinary human-scale team, allowing a smooth communication, an excellent reactivity and a strong follow-up of the projects by all the members of the team. Each member of the team is very involved in the  implementation of projects.

In addition, the offices of COFREPECHE’s internal team are located in Paris, the capital of France located in the heart of Europe, which facilitates our responsiveness in our international travel.

Thanks to its extensive database of consultants available for both short and long-term assignments, COFREPECHE can also count on more than 500 qualified specialists. Our network of experts covers all relevant topics such as fisheries, fisheries management and policy, fisheries governance, research, impact assessment, data collection, modeling, software development, climate change, statistics, communication, project management, financial and socioeconomic studies, food security, aquaculture development and sustainable management of marine ecosystems.



Chief Executive Officer

Régis TOUSSAINT, with an engineer background, began his career from 1970 to 1980 at the National Centre for the Exploitation of Oceans (CNEXO) where he was responsible for programs on coastal development. It is in the office of the General Manager of the Merchant Marine that he founded COFREPECHE in 1980. General Manager then CEO, he is now the Honorary Chairman after 38 years of activity within this company. During the beginning at COFREPECHE, he was one of the major players in the development of the tuna fishing in the South West Indian Ocean and their sustainable exploitation. He has worked in more than 30 countries especially in Africa. In 2009 he created a subsidiary in Morocco that he has been managing ever since. Otherwise, Régis Toussaint is Knight of Maritime Merit, Officer of National Merit and Advisor of Foreign Trade of France.

Contact: regis.toussaint@cofrepeche.fr

SILVA Jean-Pierre-_MPP7701-Modifier

Jean-Pierre SILVA

Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Jean-Pierre SILVA is COFREPECHE deputy managing director since 2010. He cumulates more than 25 years of working experience, of which the last 19 with COFREPECHE as Finance and Project Director.

He has developed a large experience in the fishery sector, specifically in the management of complex programmes and projects that require a day by day interaction with experts and sectoral operators ranging from public officers to associations directors and fishermen. He was the Project Director of the ‘SFP’ Programme Management Unit (EU funds – 44 million euros) – www.sfp-acp.eu but also of the framework contract implemented for the DG MARE to evaluate the external dimension of the Common Fisheries Policy for an overall budget of 1.5 million Euro

Contact: jp.silva@cofrepeche.fr


Charline GAUDIN

Director of International Development

Graduated in international law and international organizations, Mrs Charline GAUDIN-GOESER has more than 12 years of experience in the field of fisheries, project management and international cooperation.

Prior joining COFREPECHE in September 2017, she worked for international organizations like the European Union (DG MARE), the FAO and RFMOs but also for consulting companies and NGOs (e.g. IUCN).  Expert long and short term on various EU and German funded projects (GIZ), she specialized over her career in fisheries legislation, policies and institutional aspects.  As consultant for one of the biggest international consulting company in the field of development and cooperation for 5 years, she managed complex international projects with a budget over 2 million euro including EDF financed projects.

Contact : charline.gaudin@cofrepeche.fr

OLIVE Yeelen-_MPP7757-Modifier

Yéelen OLIVE

Project Manager

Yéelen Olive is graduated in oceanography and marine environmental management, with a speciality in marine ecosystem conservation.

Before joining COFREPECHE, she worked two years at VisioTerra as a project manager on projects funded by the Total Foundation and the European Space Agency. She also worked at the National Museum of Natural History in the management of protected marine areas and at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco as scientific leader.

Miss Yéelen OLIVE joined COFREPECHE in 2018 as project manager, and participates in all related management tasks and quality control in the fishery, aquaculture and marine environment sector.

Contact : yeelen.olive@cofrepeche.fr

HUILLIER Jean-Tristan-_MPP7673-Modifier

Jean-Tristan HUILLIER

Project Manager

Mr. Jean-Tristan HUILLIER is Cofrepeche’s Coordinator of Observation Program, and in particular the implementation and monitoring of ICCAT’s regional bluefin tuna observer program (ROP BFT). Graduated in environmental science and genetic at the Free University of Brussels, Mr. HUILLIER has been involved in observer program during more than 7 years, including training and managing observer team for the Purse Seiner Observer Program in Indian Ocean within the French Southern & Antarctic Land administration (TAAF administration). Mr HUILLIER has himself been an observer on various program (Tropical tuna Purse Seine IOTC & ICCAT, Toothfish longliner CCAMLR and scientific observer for the Falkland Islands Government).

Contact : jt.huillier@cofrepeche.fr


FRISCOURT Noémie-_MPP7726-Modifier


Project Manager

Noémie FRISCOURT is graduated in oceanography with a speciality in marine biology, polar ecology, marine ecosystem functioning and management of fisheries resources. Before joining COFREPECHE, she worked as an observer for the Obsmer and Obsvente programs in France. She has various experiences as a technician or coordinator in oceanographic expeditions. She has also worked as a teacher and trainer at universities and colleges and in science popularization at schools and research institutes.

Miss Noémie Friscourt joined COFREPECHE in 2018 and participates in all related management tasks and quality control in the fishery, aquaculture and marine environment sector. She also, assists Jean-Tristan Huillier in the ICCAT Bluefin tuna Regional Observer Program.

Contact: noemie.fricourt@gmail.com