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Advancing Cambodian Aquaculture: Milestones in Implementing Good Aquaculture Practices

Since November 2022, COFREPECHE, in collaboration with Ginger-SOFRECO and WorldFish, has been leading the “Consulting Service for Sector Governance and Regulations” axis of the project: Aquaculture Component (CaPFish Aquaculture) in Cambodia. The beneficiary of this project is the Ministry of Fisheries of Cambodia (FiA – Fisheries Administration).

CaPFish-Aquaculture, a pivotal part of the broader CaPFish Programme, is driving sustainable, climate-resilient, and inclusive growth in the aquaculture sector. Central to its success is the implementation of Good Aquaculture Practices (GAqP) for effective policy-making, certification, and regulation.


On October 24, 2023, the IT3 group organized a significant workshop at the Cambodiana Hotel, uniting key stakeholders including FiA, DAD, CAA, RUA, and partners from the CaPFish Project. Together, they explored the future of Good Aquaculture Practices in Cambodia, laying the groundwork for the transformative Cambodian Good Aquaculture Practices (CamGAqP) initiative.


During the event, they introduced four core pillars based on ASEAN Good Aquaculture Practices: Food Safety, Environmental Integrity, Animal Health and welfare, and Socio-economic Responsibility. These pillars are foundational to establishing a national-level certification scheme, shaping the governance and policy framework for Cambodia’s aquaculture regulation, including certification and traceability.


This event marked a significant step towards achieving consensus in the development of CamGAqP, representing a substantial leap forward in the journey towards a more sustainable and regulated aquaculture industry in Cambodia.