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In brief
07/10/14 : The consortium, led by COFREPECHE, has completed the evaluation of the Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the EU and Greenland

22/09/14 : Sign-up for the SAFI newsletter is now open

01/02/14 : End of ACP Fish II projects

Eastern Africa - Indian Ocean
11/01/16 : Fisheries economist

Eastern Africa - Indian Ocean
11/01/16 : Fisheries trade specialist

Africa, Caribbean Islands, Pacific (ACP)
03/10/14 : Experts in fisheries and aquaculture management plans and policy development, research and implementation (looking for specialists in diverse and complementary skills)

From To Continent
Countries Domain Title Client
2012 2014 Oceania, Europe, Antartica, North America, Africa/Europe, Northern Africa, West Africa Multipays Fisheries, Marine Environment Evaluations et études d'impacts pour le compte de la DG MARE - évaluations rétrospectives et prospectives portant sur la dimension internationale de la PCP (MUL72) DG MARE/European Union
2004 2004 Oceania Papua New Guinea Fisheries Audit at the mid-term of the implementation of the Rural Coastal Fisheries Development Project EUROPEAN COMMISSION / TRANSTEC
2001 2001 Oceania French Polynesia Fisheries Study of conditions of faisability and viability in french Polynesia of a service center for Tuna boats. FRENCH MINISTERY OF SEA AND ARTISANAT
1999 1999 Oceania French Polynesia Aquaculture Study of the foreign markets for French Polynesia black pearl (Japan, USA, Hong-Kong, Europe). Missions to Tokyo, Hong-Kong, New York, Paris. MINISTER OF RESEARCH
1998 1998 Oceania French Polynesia Fisheries Feasibility study of longline tuna fishing from the Marquises islands : vessels, markets, services ashore, economics... E.U & MINISTRY OF THE SEA
1990 1990 Oceania Papua New Guinea Fisheries Feasibility study of setting up a new tuna canning plant associated with a fishing fleet. appraisal of different sites.Selection of PNG. PRIVATE CLIENT(+ CCCE)
1990 1990 Oceania Solomon Islands Fisheries Feasibility study of buying out a state owned fishing company. Audit and seeking of international buyers. PRIVATE COMPANY
1989 1989 Oceania Solomon Islands Fisheries Technical and financial expertise of tuna purse seiners registered in Solomon Islands. MINISTRY OF FINANCES AND NATURAL RESOURCES (EEC financing)
1987 1987 Oceania French Polynesia Aquaculture Hatchery for freshwater prawn, penaeid shrimp, tropical sea bass (20 million Pl and fry/year) EVAAM
1986 1986 Oceania New Caledonia Aquaculture Integrated shrimp project : farm of 140 ha (400 T/year), hatchery (70 million PL/year), processing plant SODACAL
1985 1985 Oceania French Polynesia Fisheries Feasibility study of a canning plant in Tahiti. PECHE ET FROID
1985 1985 Oceania French Polynesia Aquaculture Hyper-intensive small-scale shrimp farm (1 ha, 20 T/ha/year) SOPOMER
1982 1982 Oceania French Polynesia Aquaculture Farm for freshwater prawn - Macrobrachium (10 ha) AQUAPAC
1981 1981 Oceania Fiji Aquaculture Integrated project for penaeid shrimp : hatchery (10 million PL/year), and farm (20 ha) GOVERNMENT OF FIJI (MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE) AND THE GOVERNMENT OF FRANCE (MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS)
1975 1975 Oceania New Caledonia Aquaculture Hatchery for penaeid shrimp (30 million Pl/year) (St. Vincent) IFREMER

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