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COFREPECHE subsidiaries :

COFREPECHE is member of :

COFREPECHE in-house staff, based in Paris, consists of the following personnel: The experience of each staff member and his/her responsibilities in the company are presented below:

Chief Executive Officer
  • More than 30 years experience in the fisheries sector
Deputy Managing Director
Jean-Pierre SILVA
    • More than 20 years experience in business administration
    • More than 16 years experience in the sector and in the management of the consultancy company COFREPECHE
    Farid ZAOUI
    • ROP-BFT project manager “regional observation program of bluefin tuna”, ICCAT. (Season 2017)
    • Ecotoxicology and epigenetic specialist. (Mangrove killifish) 
    • Master's degree of Continental and Coastal Environmental Management (Rouen 2015)
    • Biodiversity management in the terrestrial ecosystem. Knowledge of the biodiversity factors control and the soil and the plants interactions. Ability to analyze the ecosystems dynamics. Skills acquisition that enable to insure the terrestrials ecosystems and their biodiversity management in the global changes context.)

    In brief
    07/10/14 : The consortium, led by COFREPECHE, has completed the evaluation of the Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement between the EU and Greenland

    22/09/14 : Sign-up for the SAFI newsletter is now open

    01/02/14 : End of ACP Fish II projects

    COFREPECHE searches
    Eastern Africa - Indian Ocean
    11/01/16 : Fisheries economist

    Eastern Africa - Indian Ocean
    11/01/16 : Fisheries trade specialist

    Africa, Caribbean Islands, Pacific (ACP)
    03/10/14 : Experts in fisheries and aquaculture management plans and policy development, research and implementation (looking for specialists in diverse and complementary skills)

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